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Library News

The school library is open from 8.15am - 3.00pm. Borrowing may be carried out before school, recess, lunch and after school, or at special times designated by Library staff.

Term 2 News

This year we have introduced new library ID cards. Years 7, 9, 11 and 12 should have them by now, if not, please come to the library to collect yours. Take good care of them as there is a $5 charge to replace them. You card is a tool needed for efficient learning, along with other class equipment and should be brought to school everyday. Year 8 and 10 will get their new cards next year so please keep your yellow card until then!

At the end of Term 1 Library Monitors created an Easter display of student work, this included an Easter cake made by Mrs Pitt as a reward for good work in Term 1.


After a successful school chess contest last term we have our teams for the Interschool Tournament.

Many thanks to the parents who are helping with the transport to other schools - it is much appreciated as there are some long distances to travel.


This term we will be holding the Junior Scrabble Tournament - on Wednesday 29 June. Several Year 7 and 8's are learning the rules and how to play, in their lunch breaks. They will be learning to get the highest score possible with handy techniques and strategies learnt. All Year 7 - 10 students are welcome to participate in the Scrabble sessions. Entry to the tournament is limited to those who have proved they can play. New students to the school should come along and meet other students while having some fun. Scrabble is a great way to develop the literacy side of the brain and all participants have a really good time.

Reading Club

Several Year 7 students have taken advantage of quiet time in the library for reading and some are participating in the Book of the Month Club. The Book Club is open to students of all Years to come along regularly or occasionally. All you need to bring is a fiction book upon entering the library. The Club meets lunch two every Wednesday.

Books for the month of June are:

1. Juicy Gossip by Erin Downing (Year 7-8)

Jenna Sampson, perfectly normal seventh grader and editor of the school newspaper, is mortified. Her parents are opening a super-embarrassing juice bar at the mall. Jenna has to work there . . . and wear a ridiculous uniform. She's pretty sure her life can't get worse, until she finds out that the school paper might shut down.

But the gossip Jenna overhears from the juice bar is totally newsworthy, which gives her a great idea. A gossip column could be a huge hit and save the paper --- or cause a ton of trouble!

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2. Eva's Angel by Garry Disher (Years 8-12)

"Eva Hicks has come to Italy for love and art. What she finds in the shifting light of Tuscany are gunshots along the terraced hillsides, the enigmatic Nye and a sense of her misplaced faith."

"Meantime, in a crypt beneath the wintry stones of Venice, Matthew Rennie is cleaning the grime from a medieval fresco. Better here than above ground, where Nye holds sway, masked figures shadow him and people like Eva Hicks throw things into question.

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