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At Plumpton High School, we believe that a school with responsible citizenship and leadership as its core provides the most effective learning opportunities for all students.

A report by the NSW Department of School Education for Good Discipline and Effective Learning (1995) states: "When parents enrol their children at public schools they enter into a partnership with the school staff. This partnership is based on shared responsibility and mutual respect. It should aim at achieving effective learning and good discipline so that the school environment is both productive and harmonious. The partnership must strive to create in children an understanding of appropriate public behaviour. Such understanding should lead the student to develop a responsibility for his or her own behaviour." 

Successful citizenship and leadership involves all students, staff and parent members:

  • Students take responsibility for their own learning, development and behaviour. They are respectful of the rights of others and act in a way which always makes positive contributions to our school.

  • Teachers develop a repertoire of strategies to encourage, challenge, inspire and nurture students in such a way as to promote and facilitate learning and development. They recognise the strong link between effective teaching, appropriate curriculum and student learning.

  • Parents support their children by working in partnership with the school to ensure positive learning outcomes for students.

Successful citizenship and leadership has significant benefits for all students, staff and parents members

  • For students, it helps to grow their aspirations as they develop their capacity to learn and to understand; it makes their learning exciting, relevant and motivational; it increases their level of achievement and success and hence their self satisfaction. It also prepares them for employment, further education and helps them to develop as valued members of society.

  • For parents, it provides an assurance that students are effective in developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to be successful throughout their lives, in addition to learning outcomes which opens many career pathways.

  • For teachers, it improves the quality of their working life, making the learning process productive and satisfying.

Being a successful citizen and leader at Plumpton High School requires the following behaviours from all school members:

  • Being safe, respectful learners at all times.

  • Working consistently towards personal bests in learning achievements.

  • Contributing to the learning of others.

  • Contributing to the successful functioning of the school and the Plumpton Educational Community.

  • Showing courtesy and respect for all students, teachers and community members.

  • Developing responsible citizenship, leadership, mediation and conflict resolution skills and contributing to a peaceful and harmonious school environment.

  • Observing the standards of dress determined by the school community.

Established in 1976, Plumpton High School is a large multicultural Year 7 to Year 12 secondary school. The school mission statement, 'Plumpton High School puts students first', is central to the whole school philosophy. In its aim to develop higher level skills in literacy and numeracy the school allocates hours in Year 7 to Year 10 above the minimum requirements in the core subjects of English, maths and science. In the senior school the curriculum is very broad with the school offering a wide choice of academic and school and TAFE delivered vocational courses. A number of HSC pathways are available which lead to university, TAFE or the workplace. Some students complete their HSC over two or more years and the school has a number of mature age students.

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