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New possibilities

4.      Towards the Realisation of New Possibilities

"To infinity and beyond" Buzz Lightyear

The Plumpton Education Community is in the midst of a highly exciting and transformative journey which has the potential to reshape education delivery. The work in progress that is PEC is clearly a model which can be applied to education settings across Australia. At the very least, it is providing vastly increased opportunities for students and families from a low socio-economic context to engage in education as never before. It offers staff members the challenge, stimulation, encouragement and inspiration to deliver teaching and learning opportunities in a new paradigm. Building the capacity of all community members is fundamental.

Designing and delivering a high quality education, cultural, sporting and service provision for the entire Plumpton community is a burning commitment. To this end an ambitious building program has been designed to provide improved facilities for students, parents and community members. This include an advanced performance, assembly and learning space for local schools, regional programs and community events; a high-tech professional learning space; offices for professional services to be delivered to parents and families including speech therapists, clinical psychologists for family counselling, etc. in partnership with other agencies; and a complex of high quality sporting facilities.

In essence, PEC combines exciting and transformational technological opportunities with a strong values platform to ensure students are receiving the best preparation possible for a rapidly changing and developing world. It is outward looking and seeks partnerships, connections and opportunities well beyond the traditional scope of schools. At the same time, it offers the local community confidence in the high quality of education being provided to its young people, as well as access to rapidly developing facilities for the benefit of all. It is becoming a community hub at one level and a window to the world at another.

The opportunity to create new modes of operating has the potential to considerably enhance the progress of PEC. A staffing model which has the freedom and flexibility to be designed to meet the ever developing needs of PEC is essential. The reshaping of leadership roles and responsibilities, the opportunities for teachers to work in powerful new ways across different sites, a more productive and enlightened approach to administrative roles, all require administrative, operational and industrial reform. The more efficient use of resources, the elimination of duplication across sites, a better fit of available resources to local needs, are further compelling reasons demanding the development of the Plumpton Education Community.

There is considerable will and capacity which has been demonstrated by the Plumpton Education Community to engage in a transformative model for education delivery. The journey has only just begun.