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General information


The school library is open from 8.15am - 3.00pm. Borrowing may be carried out before school, recess, lunch and after school, or at special times designated by Library staff.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parents are encouraged to contact the school regarding any difficulties their child is experiencing or matters concerning their son. If the school is made aware of these then it can provide support and take appropriate actions. Please ring for an appointment so that the appropriate staff are available to assist you.

Student Progress Report

Teachers, through observation, assignments and class tests continuously monitor student progress. Some subjects involve formal half yearly and yearly examinations. Detailed reports are available for parents twice a year. Parents will be notified when their child's progress is causing concern.

Peer Support

Students from Year 10 conduct a Peer Support Program. This operates weekly during the first term of Year 7 and then twice a term for the remainder of the year. In this program the specially trained students conduct activities, which assist students in their adjustment to high school.

Absences from School

The roll teacher requires a note of explanation from a parent / caregiver the day of return to school. Law requires this. If the student is absent for several days, the parent / caregiver is requested to telephone the school. A note from the parent / caregiver is still required on the day of return to school.

Lateness to School

Students who are late to school are to report to the Front Office as soon as they arrive at school. A written reason should be supplied.

Early Leavers Pass

If for some reason a student has to leave school early eg. Doctor's appointment, a note is required, set out in the example for absences. The note should be presented to the office to obtain an early leavers note before school starts. Parents are requested to confine such appointments, as much as possible, to after school hours. Passes such as lunch passes are only issued in very special circumstances. A special pass is issued to senior students to cover flexible timetables.


If a student is sick at school then the following will apply:

In class: The student is to inform the teacher who will issue a note to take to the sick bay if the teacher feels it is warranted. If the student is considered too ill to remain in class, a parent / caregiver will be requested to pick up the student from school. In cases of emergency the school may call an ambulance.

Outside class: Students are to report directly to the nearest teacher and then to the sick bay. Parent / caregivers are requested not to send a student to school if they are feeling sick. The school does not have the resources to look after sick children throughout the day.


The school is not permitted to administer any medication to a student unless prior written arrangement is made with the parent. Unless absolutely essential, parents are asked to administer any medication at home. In cases where special arrangements need to be made, all medications for students must be submitted with clear instructions from the prescribing doctor together with an indemnity form and kept in a locked cupboard in sick bay. All parents are contacted by the sick bay staff and cards are issued to students to leave class at the medicating time.

Sick by staff hold a current Administration of Medication certificate.


Valuables such as mobile phones, walkmans, Discmans, game boys, MP3s, ipods, credit/bank cards and the like should not be brought to school. The school accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft.


Mobile phones are not to be used at school. Contacting students or home must be done through the office. The use of videophones is prohibited, as there is a potential for breach of privacy laws.

    PHS Mobile Phone and Electronic Device Policy

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Students must travel to and from school by the most direct route. They are not to loiter in shops, at stations, parks etc on either journey. Students should arrive at school by 8.40am, and congregate / assemble in the main quadrangle area.

Bus/Train Passes

Students who travel more than 2 kilometres from their home to school (one way) are entitled to a bus and/or train pass for free travel. See the office staff for details.