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Student using the NSW Education Generative AI

Dear parents and carers,

This term Plumpton High School has been presented with an exciting opportunity that has the potential to shape the way students and teachers use technology in learning as outlined in my post last week.

You may be aware of a range of emerging technologies referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). One kind of AI is generative AI (GenAI). Examples of GenAI you may have heard of or used include ChatGPT, Bing and Bard.

The NSW Department of Education prioritises student safety as a key focus. For this reason, the department has created NSWEduChat, a customised GenAI app. Unlike ChatGPT, NSWEduChat is suitable for school aged children. NSWEduChat is built inside the department’s firewall and has been created with safeguards that other GenAI apps do not have.

At Plumpton High School, we are committed to providing evidence-based, quality learning opportunities for our students. We are one of only 16 schools to be selected to first explore how NSWEduChat can be used effectively in classrooms. NSWEduChat is hosted entirely within the department’s systems. The app will provide and safe and secure environment for teachers and students (Stages 3-6) to use GenAI in teaching and learning. The app has been built with safeguards to protect students from inappropriate content.

The trial will run during Term 1 and Term 2 of 2024. To assess the impact of using NSWEduChat, students can provide feedback on the app if they choose to do so.

Department personnel may visit the school to gather feedback and photograph or video participants. Only students whose parents/carers have provided ‘permission to publish’ will be filmed.

At all times the current school rules, policies and procedures will apply for everyone involved. Parents/carers will be sent a data privacy notice to read. If a parent/carer decides to have their child opt out of the NSWEduChat trial, this can be communicated to the school.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity in relation to your child’s learning or broader school experience, please contact the school.

We look forward to bringing you updates as we explore NSWEduChat to discover how GenAI could enrich teaching and learning at Plumpton High School.

Tim Lloyd, Principal