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Day Of AI Panel - Head of AI UNSW, CSIRO, Lee Hicken, Sana Qadar with Ewen and Annacemone Year 10

Day Of AI Panel - Head of AI UNSW, CSIRO, Lee Hicken, Sana Qadar with Ewen and Annacemone Year 10

HUGE day for Day of AI today celebrating the global Day of AI!

Our expert panel discussion on how AI is impacting teaching and learning was a nuanced and important conversation, expertly facilitated by Sana Qadar with Stela SOLAR, Toby Walsh, Lee Hickin and Tim Lloyd. Tim, who is Principal of Plumpton High School was joined by two year ten students, Annacemone Nashid and Ewen Neoh (the future is in good hands - these two young women blew everyone away). Well worth a watch:

Our launch event for 2024 in Parramatta at UNSW's Engineering Innovation Hub was a wonderful gathering of some of our partners and heavy hitters in education and AI. Thank you to everyone who joined us in Parramatta Arcot Sowmya, Charlie Jin, Dan Hart, Nicky Sloss, Tim Middlemiss, Veronica Pardey, Peter Tannous, Ruzika Soldo, Carly Simpkins, Prasad Ingole and Daniella Di Santo. Maurice Pagnucco and Sarah Hytner have been with us on the journey all the way too!

In partnership with Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre a Day of AI module was delivered to more than 200 Canberra students from years 5-10. Jeremy Ram, Broderick Matthews, Ben Villani and Jane Faure-Brac together with Roly Clifton-Bligh and six Day of AI Classroom Champions from ANU CHERYL Wang, Jessica Ross, Jake Haynes, Edwin Schuler, Toby Davis and Eunsu Choi made it all happen!

Zach Wingrave and Olivia Wu took a class of AI enthusiasts from year 5 and 6 students at Hilltop Road Primary School through the full day program - everything from what AI is, how it works, large language models and the ethics of AI.

Day of AI is an AI literacy program for teachers and students in years 5-10. It can be taught by any teacher (no computer science background required!) at any time during term 2. Get involved at .

We as the humans need to maintain the critical thinking and empathetic space whilst outsourcing the work to AI tools and in supporting the finding of solutions to complex problems.