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Dance Club

The Gifted and Talented Program for Dance (GTPD) as a part of the Plumpton Education Community aims to provide students with a deeper understanding and knowledge of dance as an art form. The GTPD will provide students with a personal expression and enjoyment through dance, learning about oneself, other people and the world and confirming cultural identity. Students will learn to value dance as a form of cultural expression related to cultural understanding, tradition, location, gender and through social and technological issues.

At Plumpton High School students have the opportunity to study dance as an elective from years 7-12.  This program gives students the opportunity to access the program earlier.

Below are testimonials from School Matinee Teachers who spoke about the opportunity provided to school students to watch live professional dance productions that connects them with dancers, choreographers, artistic collaborators and the creative process through pre-show talks, demonstrations and Q&A about the performance.